The Essential Tools Needed For Any Home Restoration


Remodeling or home restoration is much more than mere carpentry. A typical home restoration or remodeling project would involve the demolition, plumbing, roofing, tiling, plastering, drywall work, electrical work, and much more. Property renovation can significantly help in boosting the overall value of the property nearly instantly.

Before you start with the home restoration process, it is imperative for you to consider that you have the essential tools & supplies to make it easier. When you are well-equipped with the right set of tools & supplies, it can make the overall task of remodeling or restoration much more simple and streamlined.

Here are some of the basic essential supplies and tools that are must-haves during any home renovation project. To most handymen and contractors, these are obvious, but for someone who is not well-versed in home renovation projects, these are tools that you don’t want to begin without.

Measuring Tapes: You will have a need for a measuring tape at several instances during the home restoration project. Having a measuring tape on hand can help you identify how much of any particular type of material you need before purchasing it, limiting your trip to a supply store to just one instead of going back and forth. Additionally, when cutting materials to fit, measuring everything before-hand can make it so you don’t need to constantly fit pieces.

Cordless Drill: It can be easily stated that investing in hardware tools & equipment turns out to be an investment for life. Therefore, whenever you consider investing in the supplies or tools for your home restoration task, the tools will serve useful in the long run as well. Among all other tools, the cordless drill still sits at one of the most useful tools you can invest in. Whether you are going for the bathroom renovation or kitchen remodeling or even the entire house restoration, you should add a high-quality lithium-ion cordless drill to your tool-set. Cordless drills offer better accessibility and a great grip, while also trivializing installing and removing screws of all different types. A drill with a comprehensive bit set will significantly reduce time on installing new things like fixtures, wall mounts, and assembly of furniture or cabinetry.

Pliers: There are several kinds of pliers out there including the needle nose pliers, slip joint pliers, and snub nose pliers –all serving different purposes in a home remodeling project. On the basis of your specific purpose, you must bring home the best kind of pliers that tackles your needs well. As recommended, you can opt for the needle nose pliers as these serve great for the purpose of holding wires and other items in a tight space.

Ladder: You simply cannot imagine a home restoration project underway without the presence of ladders. You cannot reach out to most corners of the house without the help of ladders. Whether you are looking forward to painting the corners of the ceilings or fixing some electrical equipment right near the ceiling, roofing, and other hard-to-reach areas, a ladder is a must-have during renovation. You want to shoot for durable ladders that can be extended for reach and retracted for storage. Metal ladders tend to be better for storage, durability, and will be longer lasting.

Various Tape: There are a few different types of tape that you’ll want to keep handy, depending on the type of work you’re doing. The most versatile one is, of course, duct-tape, which can be used for virtually anything. Duct tape’s strength and durability can be used to hold things together or temporarily patch spots that otherwise would become a hassle. Masking tape can help cover the joint areas for sheet rock, allowing you to smooth out the cracks and place putty on top of them, creating a seamless wall texture. And if you’re working with wiring, electrical tape will be essentially when you’re combining wiring, capping them, and wrapping it in electrical tape so that it stays in place.

These are the most basic tools you need to have on hand when doing renovation work. Aside from home remodeling, you generally want to have these items as you continue to maintain your home or for any smaller contracting work.

For instance, a home might go through all sorts of issues including general wear and tear, fire damage, or even water damage from floods. You never know what might happen with a particular property and what problems you might come across that you weren’t initially expecting.

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